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What is the Gunkanjima Tour?

Gunkanjima was opened to tourists on April 22, 2009. Since then, many landing tours have been organized and offered to tourists by various Tour Providers.

* The contents and routes of tours vary depending on the tour organizer.

Departure from Port

Landing area

  • ・Nagasaki Port (Ohato) Terminal Bldg.
  • ・Motofuna Pier
  • ・Tokiwa Pier
  • ・Tokiwa No. 2 Pier
  • ・Iojima Port
  • ・Nomozaki Umi-no Kenkomura Mae Pier

* Every tour provider has its own tour schedule and program.
While members of a tour are on a tour boat prior to arriving at Gunkanjima, they can enjoy the dramatic seascape and listen to information provided by tour guides.

Landing on Gunkanjima

* Visits to facilities may be canceled because of meteorological or marine conditions.

Dolphin Pier

Hashima topographically defied construction of a port. When storms came, it was very difficult to land on the island. The solution was a dolphin pier (mobile pier). However, the waves that hit the island during a typhoon were far greater than the engineers’ calculations. The dolphin pier was lost twice to typhoons. Finally, an artificial island was constructed to serve as a dolphin pier. This artificial island pier was used until the coal mine was closed. The last dolphin pier is still in use today.

First Tour Place

The ruins you can see here include a coal storage yard, employees’ apartments, and No. 2 shaft. Excavation of No. 2 shaft started in 1930, and mining started in 1936. It was used as the main shaft for coal mining until its closure.
Today, the shaft has almost totally collapsed. The ruined steps to the shaft are all that can be seen today.

Second Tour Place

You can see a brick building, behind which lies a facility that was used as a general office. Company offices, meeting rooms, and a public bath for coal miners were housed in this facility.

Third Tour Place

A swimming pool, No. 30 Bldg., and No. 31 Bldg. can be seen from here. The swimming pool was completed in 1958. Constructed in 1916, No. 30 Bldg. is Japan’s oldest reinforced concrete apartment building. It was used as a dormitory for miners.

Round-trip Tour of Gunkanjima and Others

▲Coal Museum

Apartment buildings used as miners’ dormitories can be seen from an angle that is not available from a landing tour. The round-trip tour also includes navigation around the island and visits to mining facilities.
* The contents and route vary depending on the tour provider.

Return to Port

Tour members return to the port from which they departed.

Be sure to comply with the following rules when you land on the island.

  • 1.Do not enter areas outside the Observation Zones (Tour Place and observation passages).
  • 2.Do not engage in the following acts at the remains on the island
    • ・Dangerous acts including climbing over fences
    • ・Acts that deface facilities
    • ・Drinking alcohol (including on board the boat)
    • ・Smoking
    • ・Other acts that may disturb others
  • 3.Observe the instructions and directions of safety guides and other personnel.
  • 4.Wear clothes and shoes that are appropriate for walking safely on the island.
  • 5.Take home all refuse.
  • 6.Preschool children and other people who cannot walk unaided, such as those with physical disabilities, must be accompanied by their parents, guardians, or care givers.