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Gunkanjima in the Arts

Gunkanjima has been used, described, or mentioned in various works, including:


Midori-naki-shima (Island Without Greenery) A semi-documentary film released in 1948
Jun Released in 1980 with Jun Eto starring, this movie used Hashima as the birthplace of the main character, Jun.
Adventurer Kamikaze Released in 1981 with Shinichi Chiba starring, the movie had its climax in Hashima.
007 Skyfall Released in Dec. 2012, Daniel Craig’s third 007 movie used Hashima as the model for the villain’s hideout, Dead City. A movie set was also constructed in the outskirts of London based on photos of Hashima.
Hashima Project Released in 2013, this Thai horror movie was almost entirely filmed in Nagasaki, including Hashima.
Attack on Titan Released in 2015, this SF movie was filmed partly on Gunkanjima.


B’z My Lonely Town 2009. Disk jacket and music video photographed or filmed on Gunkanjima
KOTOKO’s Light My Fire 2011. Music video filmed on Gunkanjima
Nano’s Rock on. 2014. Music video filmed on Gunkanjima


Wakarete Nochi Renka Broadcast in 1991. Gunkanjima was a major location.
Fukaku Mogure - Hakkenden 2001 Broadcast in 2000, NHK’s series drama used Gunkanjima as its main location.
Asami Mitsuhiko Series Akuryo-to Broadcast in 2011, Fuji TV’s series drama Asami Mitsuhiko Series used Gunkanjima as the main location of the 40th episode, Kirei-jima. It was its first appearance in a TV drama since the island was opened to tourists in April 2009.


Meikyu Neko One of the short stories in Yuki Urushibara’s anthology “Filament.” Gunkanjima is the model for an apartment complex where the story is set.
Sanokuen Jiken Kitan Montage Since Dec. 10, 1968 Launched in 2010, the manga created by Jun Watanabe used Gunkanjima as a place where something was hiding.
Shin Kamen Rider Spirits Gunkanjima as a model of Shocker’s hideout


TV commercials or newspaper ads Broadcast in 1982 by Advertising Council Japan. AC Japan conducted a campaign that communicated problems of natural resources with Hashima as a motif.
Bird’s Eye View of Gunkanjima Broadcast in 2013 by BS Asahi, the program had an aerial shot of Gunkanjima using a radio-controlled Multi Copter helicopter fitted with an Action Cam micro camera.
Tanken Bakum Broadcast in 2014, NHK’s TV program Tanken Bakumon, the media duo Bakusho Mondai surveyed the ongoing collapse of Gunkanjima together with former islanders and Nagasaki city personnel.
Blue Earth Broadcast in 2015 by TV Tokyo. “Nakama Yukie’s Blue Earth 9 - Aiming at the World Heritage! Environmental Protectors” showed Gunkanjima in its documentary record of activities of people trying to put the island in the World Heritage site list.